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Help us build the future of Cambodia one child at a time.

By sponsoring a child you are helping us to provide for the child’s education and emotional support as well as their involvement in our after school programs.

Each child and their family will be supported, and cared for by our dedicated team.

Depending on the child’s needs and level of care required, a child may need multiple sponsors. Up to 3 sponsors may be required per child.

Lach Somnang Profile

Age: 15
Hobbies & Interests
My favourite things to do is studying English language and hanging out with my my high school friends.
Future Goal:
In the future I want to become a singer- because I want to be famous and be on television.
Correspondence Language: Khmer
School: Pouk High School
Grade: 11
Home Town: Siem Reap, Cambodia
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